Dan Abrams

My connection to Venice: I have lived and worked in Venice since 2003, married a Venice local in 2015, and we’ve started a family here.  My wife and her parents have been here since 1999.  Most of my work and social life is spent in the neighborhood, and I support several great local causes.

What I do: I own and care for The Venice Place, and am also a film producer, entrepreneur, environmentalist, and philanthropist.

What inspires me: Community, nature, authenticity, personal connection, discovery.

I’m an expert in: I hesitate to call myself an expert in anything. Partly because I have diverse interests, and partly because the more I know, the more I realize I don’t know.  I’m pretty good at friendship, critical thinking, collaboration, listening, philanthropy, and how the Yankees are playing. Well-versed in the recent history and current state of Abbot Kinney.  I know just enough to be dangerous about real estate, film, startups, hotels and restaurants.

My role in the hotel: Owner, chief vision holder, community builder.

Why I’m excited about the hotel: So many reasons. I can’t wait to have a meal in the courtyard with friends who are staying there, surrounded by others who are spending quality time with each other. I look forward to using it as a platform for many fun, engaging, community-serving initiatives. 

Something else about me: I serve on the board of a wonderful environmental non-profit called NatureBridge, and provide a scholarship for Westminster Elementary’s 5th graders to attend our program in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Fun fact: I’ve been to the Antarctic! A place called South Georgia Island in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean – 6 days on a boat just to get there.  It was the trip of a lifetime.