Our Mission is to preserve and celebrate the Venice vibe and values in every aspect of what we do, reflecting a deep respect for the history, culture, and vibrancy that pulse through our village by the sea. 

Ask locals what makes Venice so special and the answers may surprise you. Everybody has a special Venice experience to share - whether it’s the beach, hidden passageways, artists’ spaces, unexpected eateries or just the best place to watch the sunset. Venice is a fascinating blend of people, places and stories.

The Venice Place Project celebrates Venice by investing in businesses on the site to ensure that important parts of our common story remain protected while simultaneously creating new and shared experiences. Located on the north end of Abbot Kinney, it preserves much of the existing architecture, as well as The Sculpture Garden, while adding a new boutique hotel with an expanded courtyard, spa, eateries, shops and creative office space.  The project welcomes the new iterations of the legendary Hal’s and Casa Linda, both in collaboration with the team from Primitivo, as well as the award winning Felix restaurant, with L.A.-native Chef Evan Funke at the helm in the former Joe’s space.

The AK Hotel – A Boutique Way to Stay

The Venice Place Project will feature a boutique 84-room hotel, set back from Abbot Kinney and integrated into the block. It includes a new restaurant, spa, rooftop garden, pool deck, bike/skate board/surf board rentals, and an expansive Outdoor Living Room. We are committed to staffing with a significant number of local residents to personalize the hotel experience and bring jobs to the neighborhood.

Communal Venice

The Outdoor Living Room is the heart of The Venice Place Project. The Living Room is a central outdoor courtyard space connecting the existing and new elements of the property. From intimate nooks to dynamic public spaces, this will become a new favorite destination for locals and visitors alike to meet friends, share a moment or retreat from it all.

Preserving the Unique

The Project will preserve unique elements of the existing property and make them integral to The Venice Place experience:

  • Restaurants, including a new incarnation of Hal’s Bar and Grill, will continue to front Abbot Kinney, with the hotel courtyard and lobby set behind, off the street.
  • Dr. Jerry’s Sculpture Garden will be integrated into the project in an organic way and be a highlight of the Outdoor Living Room 
  • The Cook’s Garden will move to the green roof top, supplying ultra-local produce to The Venice Place restaurants

Keeping the Character

The Venice Place Project reflects and adds to Venice’s unique character with abundant outdoor living space, generous setbacks, passageways throughout the property, street art, and classic Venice building materials such as reclaimed wood and brick.

Reinvigorating the Block

The Venice Place Project adds eateries, shops and creative office space to welcome new businesses and new ideas to Venice.

Community-Driven Principles

  • Not asking for any variances or exceptions to the Venice Specific Plan 
  • Redesigned to be even more responsive to the community by increasing setbacks and breaking up the project into a collection of buildings connected by passageways 
  • Minimally affecting traffic with an increase of less than 1% during peak hour traffic by creating a mix of uses
  • Investing in sustainable design aiming for LEED Gold or Platinum certification or equivalent levels 

A Parking Solution

The Project’s automated underground parking system will efficiently take cars off the street and have the parking spaces the LA City and Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan code requires.  

We Love Venice

The Venice Place Project team includes sustainability innovator and award-winning local architect David Hertz and contextual builders REthink Development. Each was chosen by Venice resident and The Venice Place owner, Dan Abrams, because of their exceptional talent, leadership in sustainability and a shared commitment to the community. Together they have worked to preserve much of the block and still create something new and valuable reflecting the best of the Venice lifestyle.