Steve Edwards

 My connection to Venice: It started with skateboarding and surfing growing up, then visiting, going out, and working in and near in my adult life.

What I do: entrepreneur, product and project creator, Founder and Principal of Rethink Development. 

What inspires me: creating experiences through environments, projects or products that are memorable, authentic, and unique.

I’m an expert in: coupling creativity with new business models and financial reality.

I’ve won awards and been recognized for my work: DEMO 99 for software; 2002-2004 Emmy Nominations for Entertainment Experience “Project Greenlight;” 2011 AIA COTE Top 10 Green Building of the Year, AIA LA Design Honor, and LABC 40th Architectural Awards for Cherokee Lofts

Other cool stuff I’ve done: Created the largest multi-player entertainment experience and game in history in a hunt for $1.14 million dollars across TV shows on ABC, online, and in the real world at sponsor locations with Toyota and Sprint.  

Fun fact: Double degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Entrepreneurship.  Worked as Biochemist in college.

What I’m doing for the hotel: Involved in all aspects of development process from concept creation to program development to financing to design and construction then launch, operations, and stabilization.

Why I’m excited about the hotel: I am excited to design, build, operate, and enjoy a great hotel that will be an independent and unique asset (as Venice is and always will be) to the local, citywide, and global community.